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back-to-schoolIn honor of back-to-school season, I thought I’d share some tips for what’s working now for getting leads and clients. I LOVE fall and back-to-school season! To me, it spells fresh starts and new beginnings, even more than the New Year. (I spent waaayy too many years in school!)

Regardless of your specialty or where you’re at in your business, business growth is always dependent on a continuous pipeline of new leads and clients. So whether you’re moving right along in your business or need a jump start, here’s what’s working now for getting leads and clients.

As always, never discount the fundamentals of practice growth:

  • Referral generation contests
  • Creating strategic partnerships with local businesses
  • Targeted direct mail and print ad campaigns
  • Lead boxes and gift baskets strategically placed in businesses
  • Search engine optimization and on-site organization

3 Marketing Tips and What’s Working Now:

1. Facebook Promoted Posts

Facebook recently added a “promote” feature to their fan pages (business pages). Essentially, you can keep a post on your fan page’s timeline longer by using this feature.

One fitness marketing expert I know of recently tested this with a low barrier offer and it worked really well. The post offered a $1 trial for a short period of time. It pointed to the “fan” to the sales page where they could sign up and try the program.

From there, it was a matter of closing them. (Make sure you have a clearly defined process for closing them.)

This works well because these people are already fans of your business. So there’s already a certain level of trust, authority and likeability.


2. YouTube Videos

YouTube videos are great for search engine optimization. In one test of two videos, the fitness marketing expert found:

YouTube videos on seasoned YouTube channels are ranking higher, better and faster than videos on new YouTube channels.

Giving a call to action at the end of your YouTube video doubles your website click-through rate over just giving content without a call to action.


3. Facebook Fan Pages

Lots of ads and posts on Facebook will tell you to get “likes” on Facebook. And that’s fine, if all you want is “likes” and not leads!

What’s been working great are boring, plain-vanilla Facebook fan pages with high-value videos and an opt-in offer for something irresistible, usually a freebie of some type. It can also be a low-cost, trial offer.

Your video doesn’t need to be professionally produced, but it does need to have a clear picture, even, bright lighting and good sound.

Social media has redefined the way we communicate with each other — and buy! Referrals and recommendations seem to pass through social media at the speed of light. Whether you’re on social media or not, your clients (and potential clients) already are. And they’re already talking about you. So be proactive and join the conversation.

And video isn’t something you can ignore either. Even I, who hates to be in front of a camera, have to acknowledge that we are a TV/video society. So use it to your advantage. When I reflected on it, I realized that I felt that I knew someone better if I’d seen videos of them instead of just text and pictures on a website. And I was much more likely to buy.


Michelle NightengaleSupporting you for your success,
Michelle Nightengale
Founder & CEO

P.S. What client attraction methods are you currently using? Please comment below!