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We’re all bombarded right now with tips for setting goals and resolutions in the New Year. Statistics tell us that the majority will have given up on them in around 90 days, some less than 30 days.

If last year (or recent years) wasn’t as successful as you would have liked, it’s likely that you’ve been, in football-speak, playing defense instead of offense. You’ve been reactive instead of proactive. You’ve been busy watching gurus and competitors, listening to negative chatter on social media, allowing negative news stories to get into your head, etc. (I’ve certainly been guilty of all of this.)

It’s taken its toll on you and your business. Maybe you’ve sunk into a depression. The result is that you’re not doing what you need to do to make your practice as successful as you’d like.

The way to change that is to become proactive, to get on offense. It’s time to run over the things (fears, doubts, worries, etc.) that have been running over you. It’s time to be brave.


3 Tips for Turning Your Business Around


1. Get on Offense

Instead of reacting, be proactive. Initiate. You do have something of value to offer the world. Be confident in what you offer and what you do.

When you’re proactive instead of reactive, you play to your strengths instead of your weaknesses. Suddenly, you’re controlling the direction of your time and your business instead of them controlling you.


2. Live by Principle, Not by Pressure

As our teachers told us in school: Keep your eyes on your own paper. Stop looking around and comparing yourself to others.

Be conscious of what and who you listen to, follow on social media, etc. Unsubscribe, unfollow and delete people and pages from your inbox and social media who are critical and negative, or share things that are.

In other words, don’t feed the trolls!


3. Press On. Run hard. Go hard.

We often worry about being good enough. We worry about being pushy or “sales-y.” We worry about what people will think.

Sound business is simply about practicing the fundamentals of business consistently. Professionals simply execute the fundamentals with more consistent precision than amateurs.

Don’t ever quit, let up or give up. Be consistent. A large portion of success is simply in staying power.

Be committed. Be intentional.


Michelle NightengaleSupporting you for your success,
Michelle Nightengale
Founder & CEO