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2013 is being hailed as the year of video. Like it or not, video is a HUGE part of successful client attraction. We ARE a TV society and conditioned to absorb messages via TV and video.Television and internet production technology concept

YouTube (owned by Google) is being used as a search engine by users around the world and is second only to Google itself for search.

People love to watch other people and videos get clicked on A LOT. Video is great for making you more “real” to your potential clients. They feel like they know you after seeing you on camera. They can see you, hear your voice, see your facial expressions, hear your tone of voice, gestures, etc. It’s the next best thing to meeting you live and in person.

Video will uplevel all of your marketing efforts and is leaps and bounds ahead of just text-only articles or audio.

Online videos should be short, approximately 2-7 minutes long. However, you can’t get on camera and just “wing it.” To get the most from your videos and see real results from them, you need to follow a simple 4-part formula for creating videos that inform, educate, inspire – and bring you business!

The 4-Part Structure for Creating Videos That Attract More Clients and Build Your Practice

1. Who Are You?

Begin each and every video by assuming that your viewer has never heard of you before. Take a few seconds to introduce yourself and any special credibility factors. Who are you? Who do you serve? Have you written a book? Have you appeared in the media?

This doesn’t have to take very long. Just one or two sentences will do it.

For example: “Hi, my name is Jane Smith. I’m the founder and president of XYZ Health Coaching and author of the book 30 Days to a Slimmer, Sexier You.” (I just made that up by the way. I have NO idea if there really is such a book.)

See how easy that was? It took just two sentences and less than 15 seconds to establish who I am and why you should listen to me.

2. What Will I Learn in Your Video?

We are an ADD society. Online video is hugely popular and a large part of how we consume our information online. But we’re also impatient and trained to click away in a second if we’re bored or haven’t found EXACTLY what we’re looking for or what we were expecting when we clicked on your video.

A recent statistic said you have exactly 3 seconds to capture your visitor’s attention or they’ll click away. Just 3 seconds! So make your video title descriptive and benefit-driven and get to the point immediately. Let your viewers know exactly what they’ll learn when they watch your video.

For example, you could title your video “3 Tips for Fast and Easy Meals On the Go.” So going with our previous example, you’d open your video by saying:

“Hi, my name is Jane Smith. I’m the founder and president of XYZ Health Coaching and author of the book 30 Days to a Slimmer, Sexier You.

Today, I want to share with you three tips for eating healthy, delicious meals when you’re working and just don’t have time to make a full meal.”

Again, this is simple, direct and you’ve taken less than 30 seconds to share who you are, why someone should listen to you and what they’ll lean when they watch your video.

3. What Do I Need to Know?

Now share your information and deliver on the promise you made in your video title and description! What do your peeps need to know? Why do they need to know it?

Are you a health coach? What do I need to know about eating healthy on the go? Are you a massage therapist or chiropractor? What are 3 tips for relieving stress? Are you a personal trainer? How can I get and maintain a slim figure in just 30 minutes a day?

What is the latest trend or research? Etc.

There are endless things your prospects need to know. So pick 1-3 points about a topic and make a video about it. There are endless topics and points you can use to make a video.

4. What Should I Do?

Close every video you create with a call to action. What do you want your viewer to do next? Tell them clearly and specifically what they need to do.

This doesn’t mean they have to buy something right away. It might mean registering for a free report, audio CD or workshop you’re holding. It might mean scheduling a free consultation. Or it might be buying a product or program by a certain deadline.

Without a call to action though, you’ve just wasted your time and effort. Remember to make give a call to action and tell them what to do next!

Even if you’re not promoting a specific product or program right now, ask your visitor to go to your website and register for your free offer. (You DO have an irresistible, juicy freebie to offer prospective clients, right?) Always be building your list of prospective clients so that you can avoid the feast-or-famine cycle in your practice.

So give your viewer your website address or phone number. Invite them to register for your freebie or call you.

Voila! You now have an interested prospective client who has raised their hand and said “Yes, I’m interested in what you have to offer. Please tell me more.”

I hope you find this helpful. Please let us know what you think by commenting on the end of this article!


Michelle NightengaleSupporting you for your success,
Michelle Nightengale
Founder & CEO