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monk-prayerAs I talk with and listen to health and wellness professionals, I’ve noticed a persistent belief pattern. Most believe that it’s impossible or even “unspiritual” to earn a sustainable (or even healthy or substantial) living using their gifts and talents, doing what they love. Worse, money is a taboo subject and eyes glaze over when the subject turns to money.

But it’s actually easy to be prosperous as a nutritionist, personal trainer, massage therapist, etc. To show you how simple the math is I’ll use massage therapy as an example.

To earn $100,000 a year, a massage therapist would have to work just 11 months a year, 5 days a week to earn $400 per day (for a total of $100,000 per year). Each day she can either give 5 massages at $75 per hour (for 1 hour and 15 minutes each), 4 massages at $100 per hour, or 2 massages at $200 per hour (90-minute travel massages for example). To increase your income, you can either give more massages or increase your fees.

You can also generate income in other ways. Refer massage clients to other providers for a referral fee or offer a holistic line of health and wellness products.

Money-monk mindsets only hold you back. When you’re playing small in your business and struggling to pay your rent or mortgage, you can’t create any positive change in the world if you can’t pay your own bills, much less help others. (I’ve certainly been guilty of this. My inner money monk has often made me feel guilty for wanting a healthy income and comfortable lifestyle.)

Healers deserve to be well compensated. Your income does not determine your spirituality. Frankly, the fastest way to make a real difference in the world is to earn a healthy income. Money IS power – it’s power to create positive change.

Want to make a BIG difference in the world? Expand your thinking! Dream BIG dreams. Build a BIG business and earn a BIG income. “Money isn’t everything” as the saying goes, but it makes making a BIG difference much easier. (It’s hard to make ANY difference at all if you’re struggling to pay the rent!)

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3 Money-Magnet Mindsets

Your relationship with money and how you feel about it determines your success. Period. If you feel shame when you have debt or if you are paralyzed when making a certain investment because of a relative number, then your money mindsets are affecting your results. To be successful, it’s crucial to begin a lifelong study of healthy mindsets and behaviors where your money is concerned. Mindsets are energy, just as money is energy. And you can literally attract money by learning how to experience money in a healthy way. Here are three money mindsets you can learn that will help you grow your business.


Customers Want To See You Invest In Your Business Before They Are Willing To Invest In You

Have you ever visited a website and subconsciously decided this website wasn’t worth your time or money? Of course you have! Internet visitors do it everyday. Yet, many business owners think they can convert website visitors to members without putting their best foot forward. They expect visitors to log onto their less-than-stellar site and invest in them when they first aren’t willing to find a way to invest in themselves. Trust me, I know cash flow issues. But if you understand the basic rule of “invest in your website and your customers will invest in you,” then you’re ahead of at least 75% of businesses existing on the Internet today. And it doesn’t cost as much as you would think. The costs have come down substantially over the last five years as innovative new companies have popped up to serve online businesses. There are three core areas I have my clients invest in to get the highest ROI on their websites. They are:

  • Invest in the latest technologies, such as, that allow you to integrate multiple innovative plugins and blogging software.
  • Invest in professional copywriting or invest in learning the skill yourself.
  • Invest in a good designer who understands converting visitors to paid customers and/or members.


Spending Money Creates An Energy Flow And Customers Are A Form Of Energy

Money loves speed. People love speed. Since money is energy, it likes to flow. Business expenses literally create a flow of money going out and create a space and vacuum for money to flow back in. If you aren’t spending any money on your professional development or your business, you are literally turning off the faucet to the flow of money in your company. If it doesn’t flow, it doesn’t come in or go out. Of course the goal in business is to create a positive cash flow. Cash is “queen.” As in all laws of the universe, it’s your job to find the right balance of high ROI expenses to allow revenue to flow back in. Some high ROI places to encourage positive customer energy (or customer conversion) are:

  • Marketing and advertising
  • Customer support
  • Development of tangible passive income infoproduct


Business Debt As A Leverage Tool

Another area that almost all business owners struggle with at one time or another is the shame they have when incurring debt. Know this: a healthy business has debt during many phases of business growth. Debt is a growth tool and a form of healthy leverage you use to move yourself and your business forward. To leverage business debt exponentially, plug into passive income producing business models. Cash will then flow back into the business even when you aren’t working.

I hope you find this helpful. Please let us know what you think by commenting on the end of this article!


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Editor’s note: Sheree Keys is a GIWE guest faculty member, author, and the CEO of Sheree lives in San Antonio, Texas with her four children, a weenie dog, and three hermit crabs.