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Michelle Nightengale
Expertise: Attracting More Clients Online


Michelle NightengaleMichelle Nightengale is the founder and CEO of the Global Institute of Wellness Entrepreneurs™. Through the Institute, she trains and consults with authors, speakers, coaches, consultants, service professionals and other solo entrepreneurs, teaching them how to attract more clients grow their businesses online, create more time and freedom in their businesses while creating positive change in their own lives and the lives of their clients.

Michelle is the author of Boost Business Online: How to Attract More Clients by Leveraging the Power of E-mail and the Internet and co-author of The Gratitude Book Project: Celebrating 365 Days of Gratitude. She makes her home in West Palm Beach, FL.

Sheree Keys
Expertise: Building Your Brand by Writing a Book


Sheree KeysSheree Keys is founder and CEO of the Global Artist Acaemy™ and  and the Network Building Academy™. She founded the National Association of Women Writers™ which she ran for 10 years before folding it into another company. Her companies have over 75,000 women subscribers, followers, and members.

Sheree speaks to worldwide audiences inspiring them with her story of survival and triumph. She was the only child of a mentally ill and often homeless mother and left at age 17 to work her way through two college degrees and eventually building a multiple seven figure business while raising four children.

Sheree was recently named as the #12 most influential woman on Twitter. Sheri has appeared on CBS, NBC, FOX, San Antonio Living, NPR, and featured in many business publications including “Women Entrepreneur” and she was featured on the cover of “DARE Magazine” twice (along with other strong and brilliant women like Olivia Newton John, Jane Fonda, Pink and many more). She can be found at

Jessica Eaves Mathews
Expertise: Setting Up Your Business Entity


Jessica MathewsJessica Eaves Mathews is America’s Advocate for Women in Business™, business lawyer, published author, speaker, busy CEO and leading authority on helping women entrepreneurs step into their power and create a brilliant business without fear and without undue risk to their assets or hard work. Jessica has spent her legal career representing businesses and business owners, from solopreneurs to Fortune 500 companies and some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. She was the head of litigation and compliance for Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft. She has been there in every phase of the business life cycle from start-up on. She provides affordable, flat fee, done-for-you legal services designed specifically for busy entrepreneurs, small, midsize and large companies through her company Leverage-a-Lawyer. And, for lean startups with no legal budget, she provides self-help legal guidance through excellent contract templates, information, trademark and LLC creation services. Through Leverage-a-Lawyer, businesses can create a solid legal foundation for your business quickly and painlessly. Jessica is also the Founder and CEO of Grace & Game, the only luxury American lifestyle brand for both golf and for the sophisticated, feminine, modern women. Grace & Game designs are made in the USA with sustainable fabrics and are designed to perform beautifully both on and off the course. Grace & Game takes its cues from the runways, so that women don’t have to sacrifice fashion and style for comfort and performance. Look for Grace & Game in better shops throughout the country, as well as online at

Joan Stewart
Expertise: Getting Free Publicity


Joan StewartJoan Stewart’s free publicity campaign started at age 10 when her hometown newspaper wrote a story about a blue ribbon she won for a 4-H sewing project at the Ohio State Fair. From then on, she was hooked on publicity.

Today, Joan teaches Publicity Hounds how to catch the attention of frazzled news directors, busy reporters and grumpy editors at In fact, she worked as a grumpy editor at three daily newspapers and The Business Journal in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

As a media relations consultant and professional speaker, she shows people how to use the traditional media and social networking to establish their credibility, enhance their reputation, position themselves as experts, sell more products and services, promote a favorite cause or issue, and establish their companies as employers of choice.

Her popular electronic newsletter called “The Publicity Hound’s Tips of the Week” goes to more than 30,000 subscribers worldwide and includes the best publicity tips and good clean dog jokes (one in each issue) you’ll find anywhere. She lives and tries to stay warm in Port Washington, Wisconsin. 

Linda P. Jones
Expertise: Building Wealth


Linda P. JonesAmerica’s Wealth Mentor, Linda P. Jones, shows women the path to wealth and security by connecting universal principles with practical financial steps to build wealth now. She is the creator of the “Be Wealthy & Smart” podcast, sharing tips about money, finance and wealth building in a simple manner that is easy to comprehend. Many people would like to leave a legacy, and Linda provides a way to learn how to create one.

The “Be Wealthy & Smart” podcast was formed to have wealth building education accessible to everyone worldwide. Linda doesn’t offer investments or financial planning, but rather mentors others about the best places to grow wealth now, why they are worthy and deserving of wealth, and how to get their money working harder for them so they don’t have to work so hard. In addition to the podcast, she offers  wealth-building programs, the “Be Wealthy & Smart” VIP Experience and private mentorship at Linda teaches that wealth is built by investing in regularly repeating economic cycles that climax in financial bubbles and once understood, helps investors to see opportunities that exist today that may make this one of the best times to build wealth in our lifetime. 

Kirin Christianson
Expertise: Creating Your Business Image


Kirin ChristiansonKirin Christianson, founder of Red Haute Mama and co-owner of didn’t have a lot growing up, and everything was pretty ordinary – including her. On the outside Kirin was an insecure, gangly, red-headed girl. But on the inside, she was a street-smart brainiac determined to make her way. After hanging onto life by a thread (long story, but it’s a true miracle she’s still alive)….everything changed.

What happened? What didn’t! She became a model for print and television, a trainer for runway, a business mogul (including a successful medical clinic), and a mom – a Red Haute Mama that is. That’s her story from red crayon to red lipstick. Now she helps other women write theirs!

Red Haute Mama, Kirin Christianson, lifts women from the doldrums of everyday and back into the ‘va va va voom’ combining health and beauty to achieve the most glamorous results! From toes to tresses, no nook goes uncovered without examination. Providing expertise in all things glam, she steers women toward the holy grail of glamor. Advice, workshops, tutorials and haute deals, taking them straight to the best glam tips. FEEL amorous, glamorous, and flat out fabulous – AND 

Linda Rivero
Expertise: Creating Meaning & Leaving a Legacy


Linda RiveroLinda Rivero is Founder and CEO of the Global Action Network of Entrepreneurial Women™. She has 25 years of experience in entrepreneurial initiatives, both in the for-profit and non-profit arenas.

Linda founded the Global Action Network of Entrepreneurial Women (ga’NEW) because she believes deeply that positive change and progress in our world depend on the intelligence, sensitivity, involvement and collaboration of women — worldwide. She is committed to her vision of bringing together women of passion, insight and action from all cultural and national backgrounds, for the benefit of all involved. Linda believes that for women who share a common spirit and vision of world progress through female participation and business, categories of race, religion and nationality serve only to separate us.

Having grown up in a multi-national and multi-lingual home, Linda has been navigating her way through languages and culturally divergent points of view all her life. She began her career in cross-cultural entrepreneurial initiatives in 1989 when she founded her first cultural travel company. Today, in addition to the Global Action Network of Entrepreneurial Women™, Linda also leads Peace Through Travel and Women Travel for Peace, two travel companies which she founded in order to combine intimate, cross-cultural connection with volunteer service. Yet another lifelong interest of Linda’s is music, and this love has led her to co-found Peace Through Travel Radio, a 24/7 World Music Internet radio station. Linda, who speaks several languages, has also taught foreign languages for many years.