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When people learn I’m a published author, I often get a lot of questions about how I did that and how can they do it too?books1

There are a lot of reasons to write and publish a book and if you want to do that, you have a lot of publishing options: everything from traditional publishing to self-publishing, from e-publishing to print publishing – and everything in between.

Everyone has a book inside them and most dream of being a published author. Too often though, it just seems like an overwhelming project, a dream to accomplish some day when… But I say you can’t afford to put it off until “someday.”

If you’re an entrepreneur, writing and publishing a book will help you build your business in so many ways. And that directly impacts your financial success and quality of life. Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to become a published author – and use your book to propel your business towards success.

E-publishing is all the rage these days, but here, I’m talking about publishing a physical book in print form. Physical, published books are still highly respected and their shelf life lasts for decades. Essentially, you do the work once and leverage it for years and years.

As Sheree Keys (formerly founder and president of the National Association of Women Writers) says: “Books are one of the best tools I know of to leverage PR opportunities, speaking opportunities and money-making lead opportunities.”

1. Books Build Credibility

A printed, published book gives the author nearly unmatched credibility. Books (and their authors) are given a lot of respect in society. They give their author the opportunity to display and demonstrate their expertise in a tangible way that’s accessible to everyone. Books are such a part of our culture that people carry them wherever they go and are usually the first thing people look to when looking for information or researching a subject.

2. Books Create Smart Positioning

Similar to the first point, a book offers you a chance to position yourself and your company as an expert and helpful resource. Experts are sought out, quoted and given business by virtue of their expert status alone. They’re also viewed in higher esteem than their colleagues who don’t have a published book.

3. Books Leverage Your Time and Expertise

Books are a phenomenal way to leverage your time and expertise. A published book allows you to share your brilliance with many, many more people than you could ever speak with personally. When someone reads your book, it’s like having a one-on-one conversation with them, without it taking up any more of your time.

My own book Boost Business Online is a great tool to refer people to when they ask me how to make money online. There’s just too much to share in one conversation and the book allows them to get the basics at a very low cost. It also frees me up to continue building GIWE.

4. Books Attract Positive Media Opportunities

Smart business owners often dream of being featured on a prominent TV show or in a magazine. They know how valuable positive media attention can be in building their business. One appearance on Oprah has been known to literally make entire businesses.

Like the rest of society, the media automatically view published authors as experts in their fields. Published authors usually have a much easier time getting media opportunities than those who aren’t. A physical, published book is also a tangible expression of ideas which are sometimes difficult to conceptualize or explain. It gives the media something to show their audience and hang their hat on. In short, it makes it easier for them to give you air time or column inches.

Positive media attention is also a great credibility-builder. Being able to say “As featured on Oprah” or “As featured in USA Today” lends tremendous credibility and goes a long way towards gaining the trust of prospective clients.

5. Books Attract Speaking and Partnering Opportunities

Similar to the previous point, published authors often have an easier time attracting speaking and partnering opportunities – for the same reasons. Companies, trade associations, non-profit groups, etc. all want to feature experts and good resources as speakers for their audiences. And one good speech in front of a targeted audience can build a lot of momentum in your business.

Books and speaking often lead to partnering or joint venture opportunities. Joint ventures come in many forms. Speaking in person or virtually (via teleseminars and webinars) is one. Making an offer (via e-mail or snail mail) to your partner’s audience (customers, readers or subscribers) is another.

Bundling your products and services with theirs to create a new offer is a third way to partner.

The opportunities are limited only by your own creativity.

6. Books Build Loyalty

As an entrepreneur who’s also a published author, your book helps build loyalty among your clients and customers. You’re viewed not only as an expert, but as someone who’s interested in helping solve their problems (if your book is done right). And we all want to do business with someone who can help us solve our problems!

We all also like to do business with the expert in the field. The consultants, coaches and experts of all stripes who can charge the most are able to do so because they’re viewed as ‘the best” in their field. There will always be a certain percentage of people willing to pay almost any amount of money to work with “the best.” They’re not price shoppers or likely to switch to another provider just because. They are usually very, very loyal.

So, if you’re an entrepreneur who’s ever thought of writing your own book, I urge you to do it. Yes, it can be a big project, but there are many ways to get it done, even if you’re not a writer. Don’t put it off until “someday when…” The benefits can be tremendous!

I hope you find this helpful. Please let us know what you think by commenting on the end of this article!


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Michelle Nightengale
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