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inspiredSummer is here! Just as nature has its seasons, so too does entrepreneurship come with seasons of its own. Whether you’re in a new birth season, growth season or season of rest, renewal or change, all seasons are important and vital for success and fulfillment. Whether summer is a slow or busy season for you, it can be a great opportunity to grow – or even just get back on track if you’ve gotten off course.

1. Review Your Business Goals

Take some time to review the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of this year. We’re halfway through the year. Did you launch your business? Get more clients? Upgrade your products or services? Increase your fees? Get speaking engagements?

Or have your lofty goals not panned out just yet?

Consider what you’d really like to achieve: a more flexible work schedule, more ideal clients, higher fees, etc.

Now, evaluate where your business is today and where you’d like it to be in three months, six months, one year and five years. Life happens and things change, so allow yourself some flexibility. But remember: the best goals are always specific and measurable. For example, setting a goal to “attract 10 new clients in 30 days” is more viable than just “increase sales.”

2. Prioritize Your Tasks

And put those important tasks you’ve been avoiding at the top of the list! As Brian Tracy says in his book, eat that frog!

I’m a procrastinator extraordinaire and have had to do this myself recently. But a successful business requires a disciplined and committed CEO. Serious business owners do whatever it takes to nourish and grow the business.

Being more productive isn’t about being busy. It’s about getting the right things done – the ones that matter most – on a day-to-day basis. Take your time seriously. We all have a limited amount of time each day to devote to our businesses. Whether you hold a full-time job and are starting your business on the side or are running a full-fledged, full-time business, you must take your time seriously.

Successful entrepreneurs practice productivity day in and day out.

3. Organize Your Workspace

I’m amazed at how often I see entrepreneurs who have not created a separate workspace for themselves or operate without essential business equipment (like a proper desk, an up-to-date computer, printer, filing cabinets, office supplies, etc.). They’re still operating from their kitchen table with piles of paper strewn everywhere, even in different rooms.

It just screams “I’m not taking my business seriously.”

There’s something undeniably temporary about not working at a proper desk with the proper equipment to work efficiently and professionally. Entrepreneurs often think “I’ll get a desk (or computer, printer, etc.) when I have a full practice or when [XYZ] happens.” But this thinking actually holds you back.

Lack of space or money usually isn’t the real reason for not getting organized. So be brave and take action! Invest in a printer, clean out a closet or create your own work space just for you. It’s more empowering than you may realize.

4. Be Conscious of Your Energy Zappers

Like time, we all have a limited supply of energy. We often think about how to get more energy, but it’s just as important to focus on using our energy wisely and eliminating our energy zappers.

Common problem areas include lack of sleep and exercise, an unhealthy diet, cluttered physical environments and toxic people can quietly zap your energy over time. Take an honest assessment of your daily habits, then start to make gradual changes that you know will feel good. (Getting a full night’s sleep is a great area to tackle first!)

5. Get Support and Training

No one becomes successful in a vacuum. We all need support and guidance. Summer can be a great time to brush up on our skills, get needed business training, join a community of like-minded peers or hire a coach.

We all need someone to guide us and keep us on a tested path to success. Making yourself accountable to someone (or group of like-minded individuals) can double or triple your success rate. Raising the level of those you associate will rise you up. Learn from successful people and take comfort in knowing that they are there to ensure your success.

Amazing synergy can happen when a group of like-minded individuals support and encourage each other toward a common goal.

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Michelle Nightengale
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